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Environmental Policy


Recognizing Toshiba Group’s Basic Policy for the Environment that the Earth is an irreplaceable asset and it is humankind’s duty to hand it on to future generations in a sound state, Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation Group is pursuing creation of new values and symbiosis with the Earth. Also Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation Group contributes to the development of a sustainable society by promoting environmental activities designed to contribute to the realization of a world that is low-carbon, recycling-based and nature-harmonious.


Japan Semiconductor has two manufacturing sites in Japan. The Iwate site is surrounded by the rich nature of the Ou and Kitakami mountain ranges and the Kitakami River. The Oita site is located in the beautiful environment of the Ono River, which is famously clean in Japan, and Mount Takao. We believe our mission includes considering such rich environmental factors. We are conscious of the environment throughout all processes of our business, including supplying, manufacturing and disposal from life cycle perspective, and we aim to contribute to our society by providing semiconductor products. Our company attempts to take root in environmental activities with agility in considering for the earth, companies, employees, etc.

1. Compliance and sustainability

  1. 1) Japan Semiconductor complies with all applicable laws and regulations, industry guidelines it has endorsed, and its own standards concerning the environment.
  2. 2) Japan Semiconductor strives to continuously improve and effectively apply its environmental management system through internal audits and reviews in order to enhance environmental activities level and environmental performance.

2. Execution

Japan Semiconductor strives to assess the environmental impact of its business activities including with regard to biodiversity which comprehend development, procurement, manufacturing and sales, set objectives and targets with respect to the reduction of environmental impact and pollution prevention, and execute proactive environmental measures including the following:

[Image] Hiroki Kawagoe President, Japan Semiconductor

Revised on Jun 28, 2021
Hiroki Kawagoe
Japan Semiconductor

  1. 1) We address the prevention of global warming through advancing energy conservation measures focused on power supply and manufacturing facilities, and reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.
  2. 2) Contributing to a recycling-based society through efforts to promote 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) measures proactively along with improving productivity, to reduce, reuse or recycle resources used during our manufacturing processes, while also promoting efficient utilization of natural resources by implementing measures aiming to reduce waste generation and water intake;
  3. 3) Promoting risk reduction on environmental issues by appropriately restricting and using chemical substances, along with making efforts to reduce the total amount of chemical substances released into the environment and the amount of chemical substances treated;
  4. 4) In order to preserve biodiversity, Japan Semiconductor strives to assess and mitigate the environmental impact of its business activities on biodiversity and seeks to make a better contribution to society;
  5. 5) We improve cooperation with the local community and contribution to society through issuing our regular environmental reports, holding debriefing meetings, participating in volunteer activities, receiving inspection tours and participating in environmental events organized by local government, all with the goal of building a better relationship of trust.
  6. 6) We implement environmental practices with the whole group by promoting public relations activities in order to enhance environmental awareness of all employees, including stationed companies in our premises, and guiding and supporting our partner companies.


Japan Semiconductor discloses this Statement of Environmental Philosophy to the public, promotes awareness of this Statement of Environmental Philosophy throughout Japan Semiconductor, and promotes its business activities according to this Statement.

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