Foundry Service

Process Lineup

Mixed Signal process technology (with LDMOS & DEMOS)

For mixed signals (analog hybrids), we offer 8 V to 60 V devices for the 0.13 μm series.

Process DMOS 5V Power CMOS OTP (eFuse)
CD-0.13G2 8V, 18V, 25V, 30V, 40V
(With buried layers)
8V*, 18V, 25V, 30V*, 40V, 50V, 60V*
BiCD-0.13 25V, 40V, 50V, 60V, 80V*, 96V*  

* Under development

CMOS process technology

For the CMOS process, we offer the 0.13 μm series.

Process Power Supply Voltage (Vdd)
CMOS-0.13 1.5/3.3V
3.3V or 5V (for choosing single voltage)

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