Foundry Service

Color Filter (& Micro Lens) Technology

Toshiba boasts process technologies for color filters and microlenses for image sensors. We also provide consultation for product tuning, including the adjustment of sensitivity and spectral characteristics through mask tooling for color filters and microlenses.

Sensor cell size: 1.1 μm and greater
Color filter process: Red, green and blue (RGB) + near infrared (NIR)
Your sensitivity and spectrum requirements are satisfied by adjusting the mask dimensions and the coating thickness.

Color filter structure

Microlens shapes: Square, sphere and rectangular
Light-harvesting performance can be improved using a technology for adjusting curvatures and lens-to-lens gaps.

Microlens structure

Our CMOS image sensors with color filters are widely used in mobile terminals, PCs, digital cameras, surveillance cameras, beauty electronics, medical equipment and automotive applications.

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