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Linear Image Sensor

An image sensor translates optical information into electrical signals and then outputs such signals as digital signals. Japan Semiconductor manufactures linear image sensors, used in multifunction printers (MFPs).


■ linear image sensors
  • Color scanners
  • MFP
  • FAX
  • Copiers
  • AF
  • Barcode readers

[Image]: Applications

[Image]: Image Sensor

Product information

Color Filters

Color filters are essential for the output of color images from image sensors.
Photosensitive organic materials are formed over pixels to color them.
A color filter is created by forming a resist pattern. Microlenses are formed on the surface layer above a color filter to improve image sensor sensitivity.
Pixels cannot exist without color filters, and our company is also able to handle the processes for the manufacture of these filters.

[Image]: Color Filters

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