Our strengths

Pursuit of quality

Quality Policy

Japan Semiconductor Co., Ltd., aims to contribute to society by complying with the requirements of the related laws and regulations, ensuring our customer-centered philosophy, and providing high-quality, safe, sophisticated products and services that satisfy customers. To this end, Japan Semiconductor is committed to:

  1. 1) We secure quality based on the customer’s standpoint.
  2. 2) We comply with related laws, regulations, and contracts and respect the rights of customers and third parties.
  3. 3) We continuously propel improvement of the quality management system.
  4. 4) We strive for progressive technology and built-in quality participated by all departments and all employees
  5. 5) We aim for essential improvement by pursuing root causes and prevention by risk analysis.
  6. 6) We strive to provide information to customers for appropriate product use.

Production of automotive products

Production of automotive products

Japan Semiconductor has been producing automotive products for more than 40 years. Based on this experience in production (more than 2 billion units of products manufactured in total so far) and expertise, we deliver highest-level, reliable products that satisfy our customers' needs, through activities ranging from development and design of products at different grade levels and for a variety of applications to thorough management of production quality.

Exhaustive pursuit of quality (for achievement of zero defects)

For achievement of zero defects

With APC (*1) introduced into the production process, we have built a system that allows us to detect in early stages problems and factors that may cause variations so that they can be addressed quickly at each process step. In addition, with the introduction of SPC (*2)を, we achieve high levels of quality in the production phase to ensure the highest levels of reliability.

  • *1) Advanced process control
  • *2) Statistical Process Control

Mindset for achievement of zero defects

At the heart of the implementation of our quality policy is the mindset of our people. By enhancing the production-level philosophy and passion with an awareness of VDA standards (P6 = process analysis and production) and carrying out improvement activities, let alone required specifications, the whole staff works together toward refining the operating process without making compromises, as well as building quality. Through these activities, we provide customers with intangible reassurance at the production level.

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