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Mission Statement

Thoughts Put into Logo Design

Japan Semiconductor

This circular logo mark represents a semiconductor wafer shaped by the initials "J" and "S" from Japan Semiconductor, and also represents the coexistence with affluent natural environment of Iwate and Oita by the color combination of blue and green.

Japan Semiconductor Corporation will continues to thrive on leading-edge technology taken over from Iwate and Oita, to create novel values, to being a leader in the semiconductor industry.

Mission Statement

  • Establish a company which customers "trust" and "favor".
  • Strive to realize fine-tuned and agile "real service".
  • Make sustained effort to respond to customers' various "needs".
  • Proceed with healthy business activities with "safety, health and compliance" as the top priority.
  • Be actively engaged in social action programs including environmental conservation to "coexist" with local society.
  • Protect our employees' jobs and happiness with stable management and business development.

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