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Oita Operations

Location of the Company

[Map]: Location of the Company

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How to Access

By air

  • 67 minutes by airport limousine bus (Nickname: South Liner) from Oita Airport

By train from Oita Station

  • 40 minutes by bus from Oita Station
  • 30 minutes by taxi from Oita Station

By car

  • 8 minutes by car from the Oita Mera Interchange

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Transportation and Accommodation

By bus from Oita Station

Get on a bus bound for Japan Semiconductor Mae at Bus Stop 3 in front of Oita Station and ride to the last stop. The bus will arrive at the main gate of Japan Semiconductor.

From JR Oita Station
to Toshiba Oita Operations
Destination Japan Semiconductor Mae
Departure Bus Stop 3 in front of Oita Station
Destination Japan Semiconductor Mae
Time 8:06 (every day of the week)
From Toshiba Oita Operations
to JR Oita Station
Destination Oita Ekimae
Departure Japan Semiconductor Mae
Destination Oita Ekimae
Time 8:41 (every day of the week)

Flight timetable of Oita Airport

Timetable of the "South Liner" airport limousine bus

Accommodations in the city of Oita

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