Foundry Service

Foundry Service

Feature in Foundry Service

We can handle 8inch (200mm) wafer size service only.

[Image]: Feature in foundry service

Flexible Support Plans to Meet Customer Needs

[Image]: Flexible support plans to meet your needs

MPW (multi-project wafer) Shuttle Service

Our MPW (multi-project wafer) shuttle service involves arranging multiple customer chips on one wafer.
To make MASKs, we collect the necessary GDS data, produce the MASK, and then produce the wafer.

[Image]: MPW (multi-project wafer) Shuttle Service

We currently offer two types of processes, and are planning to develop a series of other processes.

  CMOS-0.13μm CD0.13μmG3
User Area 4.8mm x 4.8mm 4.4mm x 4.4mm
Metal Code 1M-6M 2M-4M
Delivery Form Die
Delivery Quantity 50 pcs
Frequency Two times per financial year
Tape Out timing are in April and October

Frequently Asked Questions

Q What wafer sizes can you handle in your service?
A We can handle 8inch (200mm) wafer size service only.

Q Can you develop or customize the process according to the customer requested specification?
A Yes, we have the experiences of joint development with the customer. It depends on the contents and the conditions.

Q How can we get the PDK ?
A Some steps including a work for the contract conclusion are needed to release the PDK to you, please contact us.

Q How much the maximum breakdown voltage of DMOS device in your serving process?
A 96V DMOS device is the maximum breakdown voltage in our process. There are 4 line-ups of DMOS device in our process.

Q Are there any thick metal options in your process?
A Yes, we can provide Cu-Plating and UTM(Under Top Metal) process options.

Q What kind of isolation structure does your process have?
A We can provide DTI(Deep Trench Isolation), Buried Layer and so on.

Q What kind of materials for the multi-layered metal wiring does your process have?
A We can provide Cu and Al wiring process. You can choose either one.

Q Do you have any IC design service?
A Unfortunately, we do not have any service for IC design support.

Q Do you have any service for chip probing test on wafer or chip to IC package assembly?
A No, we don't.

Q Do you accept to serve prototype development work only?
A No we don’t. Our foundry service is expected mass production business at our fab.

Q What procedures will be required from inquiry, prototype development, and to mass production.
A Please refer to "Service Flow" page of our web site.

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